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Welcome to my rather pretentious-sounding website. Pretentious as I am not THE bass guitarist, I am A bass guitarist. There are many candidates for the title of The Bass Guitarist, depending on your musical tastes you could pick anyone from Paul McCartney to Stanley Clarke, from Geddy Lee through to James Jamerson and so on.

I wanted a small website where people and prospective band mates can find out more about me. A quick domain search revealed that was available for a ridiculously low price so here we are. Eventually I hope to upload some videos and sound bytes.

My name is Graham Endeacott and I've been playing bass guitar for over 30 years, I also play 6-string guitar and some keyboards and I'm a bit of a collector of guitars and basses. I've played in numerous bands, mainly in the Leeds and Bradford areas, some good, some not so good. I even played in a band that had an LP, that's a long-player record for those of you who don't remember the pre-CD era. The keyboard player from that band went on to do some of the "Jive Bunny" stuff and earned a Gold Disc in the process.

I was drawn to playing bass when I saw a violin bass for sale in my local music shop. Being a big Beatles fan, the violin bass was a major attraction to me. Unfortunately it wasn't a Hofner Violin Bass and I had to wait another 30 years before I managed to acquire one of those. You can find out more about my basses on the Bass Gear page.

Up until January of this year, I was playing in a glam rock band, this band has now split and I have set up my own band, The Protocol which is doing very well. We play hits from the 60's through to the present day. You can find out more about the band on The Protocol website.

The Protocol, complete with Fender Precision.

Earl Gray - my new persona whilst with GLAM.

Giving it some on my trusty Rickenbacker 4001.